Erin Mwembo

National Organiser

About Erin

Our organiser, Erin Mwembo, has been involved in the SNP since 2015 and has served in various roles on regional committees as well as on the NEC as a Regional Convener, National Women's Officer and now as National Organiser.


Alongside YSI policy work that includes the TIE campaign, ‘Overhaul of consent education’ and raising the military recruitment age, Erin has also worked at branch and constituency level in local campaigns. Outwith politics, Erin works in the financial services and takes a keen interest in economic policy as well as increasing the representation of women.


Over the next year, Erin has her focus on the Holyrood election, Council elections in 2022 and ultimately an independence referendum. Erin is keen to ensure we are hearing as many ideas as possible, so if you have any ideas for the campaign don't hesitate to get in touch.