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A new package of support for Regions

To help support the work that has been done recently by all of the regions across Scotland. The National Communications Officer, Regional Conveners and Regional Secretaries have worked together to launch a comprehensive package of support to help the YSI Regional Associations further development and grow especially in the new circumstances we find ourselves in.

The support package includes: -

· Establishment of Regional mailing lists

· Ability to edit Regional Pages on the website

· Ability to add events directly to the website

· Ability to post directly to the blog (approval must be sought per post.)

· New Regional Convener emails

· Access to a Canva account

I will detail each section in full below.

Establishment of Regional Mailing Lists

Mailing lists for regions have been established these will be set up fully for each region in the next few days but to support this a number of changes have been made to regional mailing accounts.

The sign up form has already been emailed out to members and you can find it in your inbox but if not here it is: Click here to access mailing list sign up form

When you sign up to a mailing list your name and email is stored on a central data base and only your email is passed over to the regional association you sign up to receive updates from.

Should at any time you wish to withdraw from a mailing list simply email withdraw@ysi.scot and tell us the region you would like to withdraw from. Your details will then within no longer than a week be removed both databases.

All mailing list emails will come from an address ending in ysi.scot unless they are from SNP HQ's mailing server as they will end my.snp.org

Ability to edit Regional Pages on the website, add events to the website and post to the blog

In addition to this Regional Associations now have their own page on the YSI website which they can edit in anyway they like to promote the work of their regional association. They can add twitter feeds, important announcements, contact details and so much more.

Regions can now also add and promote their own events on the website so there is now one unique place for you to find everything going on in the YSI locally and nationally. We are also looking at a feature to allow YSI members to join Zoom calls straight from the website.

We've also made writing for our blog a much easier process. From now you can go straight to your regional associations with a post and they can publish it as well as submitting posts via the website or to the National Communications Officers. Regions can also provide updates using the blog.

All posts do require approval from the National Communications Officers however to ensure they are appropriate for posting.

New Regional Convener emails

All regional conveners can now be contacted directly via convener@*insertregionname*.ysi.scot

Access to the YSI Canva account

The National Communications Officer has opened up his personal Canva account so that regional associations have easier access to graphic templates and video editing to make appealing content for their social media accounts.

Additional Features of the package can be found in the graphic here:

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