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Boris Johnson: what you need to know about the muckle glaikit numpty

Boris Johnson is the man who during the General Election Campaign almost beat Theresa May to the prize for the naughtiest thing a Prime Minister candidate had ever done by boldly riding a bike on a pavement (he missed out on the prize by a grain of wheat.)

Truth is Boris Johnson is rarely away from controversy - in fact he’s causes most of it himself - a man who was sacked twice for lying, renowned for his racist remarks and loved by the far right for his hardline Brexit agenda.

We could write a book - no a collection of books - on the reasons why Boris Johnson is unfit to be a member of parliament, let alone Prime Minister but we thought it would be best to tell you the reasons why in a short blog post.

He’s made abhorrent racist remarks.

In a 2002 Daily Telegraph column, Boris Johnson referred to non-white people as “picanninies” with “watermelon smiles.” What’s more, later that very year he declared that the problem with Africa was that Britain “are not in charge anymore”.

More recently, in August 2018 he branded Muslim face veils “oppressive”, “weird and bullying” and said it was “absolutely ridiculous that people should choose to go around looking like letterboxes.” He went on to declare that ‘any female student who turned up to school "looking like a bank robber" should be asked to remove their face covering.’

You might think that remarks like those would have you expelled from any group you are a member of? Well, the now Prime Minister refused to apologise and was acquitted of breaking the Conservative Party Code of Conduct.

It gets worse, just last week Boris Johnson was under pressure to sack an advisor - hired by his chief adviser Dominic Cummings - who supported the idea of ‘compulsory eugenics and compulsory contraception. The advisor in question has now resigned his post but how was this person even considered, let alone actually employed by number 10?

It’s about Boris Johnson - first and foremost.

Be in no doubt behind the clowning around, the attempts to appear as “the people’s Government” and the episodes of People’s PMQ’s only one thing matters to Boris Johnson - it’s Boris Johnson. The PM who used to make multiple appearances on popular TV shows such as Have I got news for you, Eastenders and if the price is right… well he might appear on that next!

In April 2016, Boris Johnson penned a column for the Daily Telegraph outlining the benefits of the EU but hours later turned face by coming out for Brexit as one of the leaders of the Leave campaign – judging that it would better serve his career prospects than back remain.

He’s backed single market membership during the Brexit campaign, only to later claim that single market membership is “not Brexit”, and he voted both for and against Theresa May’s Brexit deal on various occasions and then changed his mind again and managed, somehow, to bring back an even worse deal which puts a border in the Irish Sea (something he argued and voted against in Theresa May’s deal and said he would remove in his version of a deal.)

Boris Johnson is a man who has flipped flopped more times than the Scottish Conservatives have - trust us that takes some doing and has been blinded by his large ego which squashes even the tiniest sign of principles he probably doesn’t have. We all know the Earth revolves around the sun - for all we know Boris Johnson thinks he is the sun.

He makes even Peter Manion and Nicola Murray look competent

Cue Malcolm Tucker suddenly appearing behind us…

Boris Johnson talks about his London Mayoral record. Let’s look at his record there where he spent 8 years in charge.

He came up with the idea of London being home to the world’s longest tunnel slide - at 178 metres long - which was meant to raise £ 1.2million every year but ended up costing the taxpayer £10,000 a week because he overestimated (and not by just half) the amount of people who would enter the olympic park.

He ordered a new fleet of buses for London - investing in public transport that’s surely a positive? Well, the company who made the buses was forced to recall the new fleet after the top windows were found to be faulty. Costing the taxpayer £2m and unfortunately it wasn’t the last recall of the buses because the features they included where too expensive to maintain.

And who could forget the Boris Johnson’s attempts to build a bridge over the Thames?

It was never built (unless it’s invisible.) It didn’t even get out of the conceptual stages of development but managed to cost the taxpayer £43 million.

He’s said abandoned welfare cuts were a mistake

In 2016 Boris Johnson told ITV’s The Agenda “I think I have already said very clearly that the government has decided collectively and quite rightly to take the PIP aspect of it [the budget] and try to sort it out,” going on to say “It’s obvious from what’s happened that it’s admitted that it was a mistake.”

As London Mayor, he dropped targets for new affordable homes and slammed the “lefty” idea of social housing as something that’s “not good for people”.

These are policies that have already inflicted real pain on hundreds of thousands of people across Scotland and all because the Tories made the political choice to impose austerity on the most vulnerable members of our society.

He’s not particularly fond of Scotland

A string of Tory Prime Ministers have stifled Scotland’s potential – whether it’s through Theresa May’s power grab of devolved powers post-Brexit, David Cameron’s EVEL, or Margaret Thatcher’s cruel cuts, Tories can’t be trusted to deliver for Scotland.

He’s claimed that "A pound spent in Croydon is far more of value to the country than a pound spent in Strathclyde.” He’s dragged Scotland out of the EU against our wills, doesn’t even care to learn the name of the party that won the General Election in Scotland (to which he lost more tan half his seats too.) Oh and he’s attempting to block democracy by denying Scotland’s right to choose a better future.

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