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It's Time For Independence: meet your new YSI National Executive Committee

During the YSI Conference in Perth, members of the organisation had the opportunity to elect their new National Executive Committee for the year ahead

As we head towards the 2021 Holyrood Elections and the independence referendum it will be the job of the YSI to deliver the positive vision the SNP and the wider Yes movement have for Scotland's future to the young people of our nation while working to deliver more radical change in Scotland where needed.

The newly-elected NEC will bring a wealth of talent and experience from their experiences – and they’re getting straight to work to represent our members on SNP NEC, fighting Boris Johnsons right wing Government and winning Scotland's independence.

Cailyn McMahon - National Convener

Charlotte Armitage - National Vice-Convener

Emma Hendrie - National Secretary

Angus Nelson - National Treasurer