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Join the YSI Blood Drive This February

It has become somewhat of a tradition to celebrate the end of term for existing NEC members and to welcome new NEC members into their freshly elected role with a big YSI social, so that we can all have the opportunity to connect with each other in a fun way. Sadly, it is still not safe enough to do things as we would normally. So, instead of a social we have decided to come together to do something that will have a positive impact in our communities across Scotland in honour of the fantastic work the young people of the YSI have achieved over the last year. Which is why we have organised a nationwide YSI Blood Drive! The information included in this document should be everything you need to know about giving blood; how important it is and how easy it is to take part, if you are able toPlus, you get free Tunnocks at the end!

So please, join the 2020/21 YSI NEC in giving blood this month, if you can, and post your contribution!


Can I give blood? - Take this quiz from ScotBlood

Do they need my blood? - Check the current blood stocks

Has it all changed because of COVID? - All your questions should be answered here!



First thing you’ve got to do? Register or sign in! Make sure you use the ScotBlood website.


Double check if you can give blood with the previously mentioned quiz. If you have given blood before, check the next time you are eligible to give.


Make your appointment! There should be a donor centre relatively local to you and open throughout the day so it should be easy to find a time to suit you. Remember, it takes around an hour to donate blood.


Review your appointment and confirm. This is where you can confirm if you would like an email the day before to remind you.


Head to your appointment (this is considered to be essential travel if you have to leave your local authority area) The centre will keep you safe and will walk you through the whole process. If it is your first time, you will have a short one to one chat about your medical history. You will then head to get your blood taken, and the staff are always friendly and attentive. Some important tips to keep in mind::

  • Make sure you are fit and well beforehand

  • Have something to eat and drink plenty of water